Pandemic Covid-19, Body Immunity Response, and Herd Immunity

  • Rina Tri Handayani STIKES Mamba’ul ‘Ulum Surakarta
  • Dewi Arradini STIKES Mitra Husada Karanganyar
  • Aquartuti Tri Darmayanti Universitas Sebelas Maret
  • Aris Widiyanto STIKES Mamba’ul ‘Ulum Surakarta
  • Joko Tri Atmojo Stikes Mamba'ul 'Ulum Surakarta
Keywords: covid-19, pandemic, herd immunity


The World Health Organization has stated that COVID-19 is a "global pandemic". However, community attitudes and compliance in maintaining protocols during the pandemic were minimal and raised the issue of "herd immunity". What exactly is herd immunity, how exactly does the body's immune system react to COVID-19 and what is a COVID-19 pandemic? The purpose of writing articles is to provide information about the definition of a pandemic, the body's immune system in dealing with COVID-19, and herd immunity. A systematic review was carried out in May 2020 by searching databases: PubMed, google scholar, NIH, CDC, and Science Direct. Keywords: "Pandemic and COVID 19" and "COVID 19 rapid test and accuracy", "PCR accuracy" and "PCR COVID 19 vs Rapid test" and "Herd immunity". The COVID-19 pandemic occurred because there was a discovery and a new mutation of the SARS-CoV virus becoming very infectious and of high virulence. Herd Immunity cannot be said to be the relevant treatment for COVID-19. It requires a large minimum threshold of immunity to achieve Herd Immunity, and it is very unethical to allow large numbers of individuals to be infected.


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