Improvement of Patient Compliance with Heart Disease that Gets Family Support

  • Rahmansyah Rabikun Universitas Indonesia
  • Elly Nurachmah Universitas Indonesia
Keywords: cardiovascular disease, family support, medication adherence


Cardiovascular disease still first ranks in health problems worldwide. This disease is the leading cause of death in the world. The development  of this disease can be prevented by appropriate and regular medication  management, one of which is adherence to medication, where one factor an important role increasing medication adherence is family support. The purpose of this literature study is to determine the effect of family support in improving medication adherence in patients with heart disease. The method used in this paper is literature review by collecting several articles related to the topic and published in 2014 to 2020 and obtained 250 articles, but only seven articles were taken because they were considered most appropriate to the topic. The literature used was obtained from several data bases, namely Sciencedirect, EBSCOHost and Scopus with the keywords "family support related medication adherence of cardiovascular disease". As a result, seven literatures related to the theme of the influence of family support on improving medication adherence in patients with heart disease. The seven literatures consist of five quantitative studies and two qualitative studies. Family support and functional family is an important role in improving treatment compliance of patients with heart disease. Family support can be increased by providing interventions that not only focus on the patient as the main object but also focus on the patient's family who can be a role as caregiver during treatment.


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