Peran Keluarga pada Perawatan Lansia

  • Guriti Guriti Program Studi Ilmu Kebidanan, Program Magister Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta
  • Ismarwati Ismarwati Program Studi Ilmu Kebidanan, Program Magister Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta
Keywords: care, elderly, role of family


Someone said to be elderly if the age of 65 years and above, the elderly are not a disease, but is an advanced stage of a life process characterized by a decrease in the body's ability to adapt to environmental stress. Elderly is a condition characterized by a person's failure to maintain a balance against physiological stress conditions. This failure is related to a decrease in the ability to live and increase individual sensitivity. The purpose of this systematic review is to conclude and examine literature relating to the role of families in elderly care, which includes responsibility for physical care, psychological care, social care, and spiritual care. The study quality assessment method or critical appraisal using the Joanna Briggs Institute. The importance of gathering together with family and children is most pleasing to the elderly. The role of the family in caring for the elderly is the main support system for the elderly, in maintaining their health, care that the family can do consists of care: Physical, psychological, social and spiritual.


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